What Doesn't Work (Oh, and a New Book is Out!)

As I sit here this morning enjoying the publication of my seventh book, I find myself thinking about how far I’ve come in the past several years. From the years I’ve spent pursuing traditional publication to going at it as an indie author, I’ve found I’ve gone through quite a lot of growth over the years. Some of it has been a rather gentle transition, while other moments have felt like I’ve imitated a phoenix, burning up in mid-flight and turning into ashes, only to rise from said ash pile later on. You only need to see the rise and decimation of my previous blog, World of the Scribe, to see what I’m saying.

So how exactly have I gone about rising from the dust? To begin with, I’ve culled what hasn’t worked for me in recent years, trying to replace it with something that will work. If something’s holding you back, it’s best to let go of it and move on to better things. If you get stuck on a story outline, put it away and go edit. If you’re reading a book that is more cut and dry than the Yellow Pages, then walk away from it. Insanity is often defined as doing the same thing over and expecting different results? Change it up, do something different, whatever it takes to get you to that Point B and beyond. Don’t stay stationary at Point A.

What do you do to break it off with things that aren’t working for you?

Oh, I almost forgot! For those of you who still follow me and want to read my latest, I’ll post the link to Fire in the Forest (Mages of Trava #2) right now.

And here's the book description: That which burns usually becomes ashes. But in the kingdom of Trava, where sorcery is almost as common of an element as fire, that which burns may instead become infected. An unknown evil threatens to consume everything from a travelling caravan to a royal matrimony ceremony. All it takes is for a single ember from the mystical flames to transform Travan and animal life into plant life. This ever-expanding danger forces the sorceress Embekah Mare into action, beginning with a visit to the old hovel where she was once held hostage by a spell of entrapment. 

Aligning herself with new friends and old enemies alike in this crisis, Embekah soon discovers that the roots of this peril may well lay in her past. As the blaze and plant growth threaten the very heart of Trava, Embekah must grapple with risks to her own heart. Can she resist the sweet temptation of surrender long enough to restore the natural balance of the elements themselves? Or have the Travan Fates themselves aligned against her in this latest supernatural clash?


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