Bang My Head, Bang a Drum

(Author's note: This post was actually written back in November of last year. I totally forgot I even had written this. Talk about accidentally creating a time capsule. Anyhow, I'm just going to present this in its original glory. Enjoy!)

Lately I’ve been banging my head on the latest rough draft currently in development. This book, Dead-End Demons, will be my ninth book I’ve written since becoming a self-published author. I’ve spent some time away from the genre of horror, hence the title.

But it’s not the book I wish to discuss today. Rather, it’s the head-banging I mentioned a mere second ago. Two months have passed since I began this title, and I’ve only gotten 30,000 words as of November twenty-seventh. Whole novels have been written in just the month of November, and I struggle to chug along. One could almost blame this on writer’s block, but really I feel it’s a cheap excuse to fall back on.

So I’m banging my head, and I’m head-banging to Pandora music, and then something strikes me. No, not the table surface in front of me, although that would be a reasonable assumption. No, it’s the fact that my soul is craving some serious storytelling in a quick way to ignite the spark I need to carry me through my writing sessions. I read books of course, but still the bind I’m in remains unbroken.

Then I come across a song by Jon Bon Jovi, on his album Blaze of Glory. It’s called "Bang a Drum", and dang if this isn’t exactly the thing I need to pick me out of my writerly doldrums. The prose in the song is enough to excite me, and the melody gives me pause for deep contemplation. Finally I’ve unlocked the block and found a way to press on.
Listening to music is a rather effective way to get a writer out of their literary woes. If you do not have a playlist, consider building one. Streaming services like Pandora can help, or you can even build a playlist on Spotify. I prefer Pandora only because it introduces me to a wider range of songs, but any radio app will likely work. Find what works best for you, and then incorporate it into your writing process.


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