Of New Book Releases and Points of View

I’ve just released the third novel in my Interstellar Dad series, Mass Reproduction. More on that in a minute. In fact, if you just want to go to the bottom of this post and look at the links of where to buy the book, by all means go right ahead.

But this post isn’t just about the book I’ve released. I mean, sure I could tell you that the third installment picks up right where The Battle at Stellar Daycare (ID #2) ended. I might even let you know how a Ph’mleez medical technician by the name of Ph’elle has taken it upon herself to detonate an embryo inducer bomb on Earth, and how a lot of men fall victim to the effects of that device. I’d probably even throw in a mention of how it’s up to the Interstellar Dad, Andrew Skyes, to stop Ph’elle and her new friend, Senator Trevor Spenchell, from manipulating the male population into subjugation.
What is that alien up to exactly?

Instead, I just want to talk about how proud I am of the process that went into this particular book. Of course, I’m proud of all of my books. But there’s something different about Mass Reproduction. I think it’s the fact that I’ve experimented with new ways of telling the story.

For example, I split the story up between three POVs, using chapter breaks to switch up the POV. They go between Andrew, the senator, and a character named Arend Fuller. Of these, the senator’s character proves the most interesting for me because I’ve really had to delve into what makes him tick. Exploring a wide variety of POVs enriches the material, I think. The animosity between Senator Spenchell and his son, Rory, serves as a critical piece of the puzzle for that story arc.

Playing around with various aspects of the craft can help a writer grow. I’ve learned a lot with all of the stuff I’ve done in the name of POV. As a result, the Interstellar Dad universe may well have expanded in a most wondrous way.

Here’s where to find all three books in the Interstellar Dad series, including Mass Reproduction:

Interstellar Dad #1

ID #2: The Battle at Stellar Daycare

ID #3: Mass Reproduction


  1. I've read a lot of your books, Jeff. If this book is anything like your last few, we are in for a treat. Your always so imaginative.

  2. Thanks, Draven! Your support really means a lot to me!


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