So Many Distractions

There’s no use in denying just how easily distracted I can get. I’ve been sitting here in the library for the past two hours, ready to write something, anything, to keep my writing stuff going. I’ve been meaning to start edits on Dead-End Demons, a follow-up to 2012’s Speed Demons. I have short stories for a fast food anthology I’ve been working on. I even have a novel I need to complete, waiting for me to return to it. So I should be producing something.

Instead, I find myself playing games or just surfing the internet, bogged down in flights of fancy rather than in being productive. The bright and shiny lights and fun blips and beeps keep me occupied, and not in a conducive manner. In fact, just in the creation of this post, I wound up faltering at least three times that I can count. It’s so easy to steer away from the path I need to be on, especially when I have at least six to ten tabs open on my web browser. How am I supposed to get any work done when I keep doing this?

One thing that snaps me back into focus is remembering that I’m the one in charge of my dream. If I don’t do the work that’s required of me, I’ll never be fully content. Sure, there’s an immediate gratification offered in the news feeds of my favorite web sites, and of course there’s always that fun cat video to watch. But these things do not get my writing done. I have to snap myself away from the distractions if I’m ever going to have a shot of being happy.

And writing makes me happy.

What makes you happy? What steps do you take to make sure distractions don’t tear you away from your goals?


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