A Stagnant Peril

The world is an ever-changing place. Things we think we know, we suddenly realize we don’t. It doesn’t matter what the topic is: science, religion, politics, boy bands, laundry detergent. Things change, and change is inevitable. To be stagnant is to be left behind.

I find myself struggling more in dealing with stagnancy, especially when bad news arrives at the speed of a tweet. It can get overwhelming, and can hinder myself as an artist, or even as a person. I need to find myself a proper balance, and not let myself get hung up on any one matter.

But how do I avoid this? For me, a new book, taking a different road home from work, or befriending new people can help with this. I need to challenge myself more. Otherwise, my mind might suffer from neglect. And right now, I need my brain to flex its creative muscle, to keep on writing books even if it seems no one’s reading them. Because these stories need to be told, if only to myself. There’s no other way for the people haunting my brain to exist.

Exercise is another thing I can do to stop it with the stagnant trap. I need to get myself back to the gym. Make time, not excuses. Easier said than done, especially in the age of information misappropriation.

Ultimately, I am in charge of my own happiness. And to be a happy writer, I need to do things that lead to that contentment.

What actions are you taking toward your contentment? 


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