A Ninth Stop on My Literary Journey

I can’t believe I just published my ninth book. It’s strange to think how just five years ago now, I was still basking in the glow of my first novel publication. Since then, it’s been a winding road with all sorts of bumps and thrills, ups and downs. I’ve befriended many creative types, not just writers, but directors, actors, comedians, singers, and cover artists. I’ve loved every aspect of the journey.

As with any traveler, sometimes a journey can wear a person down. One may suddenly wake up without the energy to tackle the day’s tasks. Whether this drain comes from improper diet, lack of exercise, excessive time spent on social media as opposed to getting the work done, the result is the same. Nothing gets done. A person oversees themselves. When that same person grapples with the energy drain of no confidence, their work again suffers.

It makes me wonder, then, how much Dylan Weaverson’s farm has suffered in the Horrors of Helenview saga. I mean, sure, he feels he must avenge his brother Chase’s death because of he feels the Demon Nation is to blame for that. And of course, Dylan should contend with the fact that he shoots a gambler Demon in a dark alley not far from a casino. But to neglect the farm? That’s just lazy.

Then again, maybe the fact that his past catches up to him is a good enough reason for him not to milk the cows. Happy April, everyone. Links to Dead-End Demons are available below for your perusal.



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