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Welcome to fantasy page! Here you'll discover a list and brief description of my titles that fall under the fantasy category. To the right is a sidebar where you can seek out my Fantasy titles, should any of them catch your fancy.

(Mages of Trava)

Spell of Entrapment (Mages of Trava #1)

When a knight, Sir Patrew of Trava, infiltrates sorceress Embekah Mare’s home, a magical backlash
renders her unconscious. She awakens to discover a spell of entrapment binding them both inside the manor’s walls. Now forced to live with him after twenty years of solitude and exile, she must navigate her way through alternating feelings of distrust and attraction.

As the weeks pass with no end in sight of the hex, a shape-shifting spirit arrives inside the magical barrier’s walls to target Embekah specifically. When she seeks out Patrew’s help against this new threat, she uncovers a secret in his past that could very well destroy her future. With the help of her trusty toad Halscrad, Embekah must see through the deceit and find something long lost to her.

But not everything is as it seems. With lies all around her, Embekah finds the truth to be more elusive than the freedom right outside her manor. Can she survive long enough to figure out what’s real and what isn’t?

A Mage among Trolls (Mages of Trava, Book #0)

Years before the Spell of Entrapment, a youth named Halscrad finds himself at an impasse with regards to his future. Weary of his own studies in Instruction, he wishes to expand his knowledge through travel and adventure. But with his mother, Chrieana Moorhead, in poor health, he finds escape from Trava Town all but impossible.

Upon a chance encounter with a Troll, Halscrad becomes the catalyst for a renewed war between the Travans and the Trolls. As he falls in line with one side of the war, he discovers a magic within him that supports Chrieana’s last words. Just where has this magic come from, and can he use it to correct his own mistakes?

Fire in the Forest (Mages of Trava, Book #2)

That which burns usually becomes ashes. But in the kingdom of Trava, where sorcery is almost as common of an element as fire, that which burns may instead become infected. An unknown evil threatens to consume everything from a travelling caravan to a royal matrimony ceremony. All it takes is for a single ember from the mystical flames to transform Travan and animal life into plant life. This ever-expanding danger forces the sorceress Embekah Mare into action, beginning with a visit to the old hovel where she was once held hostage by a spell of entrapment.

Aligning herself with new friends and old enemies alike in this crisis, Embekah soon discovers that the roots of this peril may well lay in her past. As the blaze and plant growth threaten the very heart of Trava, Embekah must grapple with risks to her own heart. Can she resist the sweet temptation of surrender long enough to restore the natural balance of the elements themselves? Or have the Travan Fates themselves aligned against her in this latest supernatural clash?

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