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Welcome to my horror page! Here you'll find a list and brief description of my series and stand-alone horror stories! If you happen to see a widget on the right hand sidebar, you may be able to find my books at Amazon.

(Horrors of Helensview)

Speed Demons (Horrors of Helensview #1)

Chase Weaverson would have preferred moving to the family farm all on his own. Instead, he finds himself alongside his younger brother, Dylan, who’s left behind more girlfriends in Hedon City than Chase can count. It’s bad enough Chase has to watch out for idiots on the road, whose reckless speeding and swerving nearly leads him to crash his pick-up. Concentrating on driving while putting up with his brother’s two-timing antics almost makes him give Dylan the boot.

When Dylan whines about needing to make a pit stop in Helensview, the brothers wind up at the town’s newest gas station. The highway insanity follows them there as people start attacking each other for no apparent reason besides cheap gas. Worse, an argument breaks out between the brothers, leading Dylan to storm out on Chase.

As Chase considers leaving Dylan behind, the people of Helensview start changing into road raging demons. But they don't intend to kill Chase. They’d much rather make him into one of their own, and they start by managing somehow to whisper inside his head.

Can Chase overcome the demons and save both himself and Dylan?

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