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On Self-Care

Howdy hi! I hope you’ve been enjoying your summer, folks. Once again, blogging has taken a backseat to other endeavors I’ve been working on. I’ve written two books since February, been editing quite a bit, and just published my latest one, Life Flashes, just a couple of weeks ago. In fact, Life Flashes is available for free until the end of the day on August 4th. Feel free to check this one out if you’re so inclined.
Yeah, it’s been a crazy, hectic pace for me. So much so, in fact, that I often forget to take time to relax. Or if I do try to relax, I wind up feeling guilty about taking time for myself. Self-care is especially important to the author life, as there are so many pratfalls we could wind up in if we’re not careful. Jealousy or worthlessness are two of these things that I’ve had to grapple with in the past few weeks. Fortunately, I have some coping mechanisms, and I know I have people who love me and want me to be my very best.
Always take time to care for yourself. Being a…

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